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quietearth [Celluloid 10.29.08] movie news action

The sequel to the fantastic French actioner District B13 was originally going to be called District B14, but it turns out they're just going with something a bit simpler, District B13 Ultimatum. Skedded for a February 2009 release, there should be a trailer in a few weeks, but in the meantime there's a new poster which you can see to the right and some podcasts which show some behind the scenes footage, so enjoy!

Here's a google translation of the synopsis.

"District 13, two years later. The government has changed, not the rest ... The wall of isolation - ever higher, ever greater and Beyond - has spread around towns ghettos and gangs that have proliferated further increased their influence. The traffic is now divided among five ethnic neighborhoods, each headed by a fearsome gang leader. More than ever determined to "settle the problem," the secret services voluntarily fire to the powder. Damien, a cop expert in martial arts, and Leito, able to sneak in every corner of the suburbs, make new team. Their goal: to save the city from chaos. Their program: Muscle and fighting for race-defying the laws of gravity."

District B13 - Ultimatium podcast
official website

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cazw uk (13 years ago) Reply

wo cant wait 4 dis film 1st one was ausome


Traceur Sev (12 years ago) Reply

First film was sik mate second can't be any better can it.....XD


Kour (12 years ago) Reply

The first one was great, I just watched it yesterday, so the fact that there's a new one this month is AWESOME!!!


Santy (12 years ago) Reply

The last one owned, cant wait for this one..

I watched it yesterday.

Gogo Ultimatum! :P


hiran (12 years ago) Reply

its beautifull,i like the startng soundtrack,pls help me to find that


Perry Doofenshmirtz (10 years ago) Reply

Whoaaaaaaaa!! I wanna watch this, Part one is SUPER!

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