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quietearth [Celluloid 10.29.08] movie news horror thriller

What's happening in Hungary lately? With genre films like Sorsvonalak, Girls, 1, Transmission, and The Investigator, there seems to be a huge boon, and one which I hope to see continue. A while back we reported on the scifi flick Block-66 but that's currently in re-writes now and in the meantime the folks at Stonebridge Films are going to be working on a couple different films first, C.F. being one of them.

"A Journalist is constantly haunted by horrible nightmares, including visions of the initials C.F. This mysterious set of occurrences leads her to a strange building halfway across the world, where thousands of people were brutally tortured and killed fifty years prior. Her hunt for the truth will uncover secrets that will test her sanity and shake her very soul."

Shooting should start in November, and while there's no teaser yet we do have some stills after the break.

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