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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.03.08] movie news martial arts

In a press conference in Beijing yesterday, famous fight choreographer and director, Yuen Wo Ping, announced major details about his upcoming Beggar Su film True Legend. Besides showcasing the film's new official website, some concept art and behind the scenes footage (all after the break) he also made some interesting statements about the nature of the film.

"While there're some comic relief elements, this is basically a serious dramatic production. It also has very good action scenes and is different from other works on Beggar Su."

There'll be quite a bit of surprises in store in True Legend, including "something innovative in the martial arts sequences."

He also relayed that "True Legend has a good quality script, presenting everything in a well-rounded manner, including character developments, from a happy family to it being torn asunder, to the protagonist regaining his confidence, getting a grip on himself..." Travel through the break to see some behind the scenes footage.

:::Gallery(True Legend)

via: Wu-jing

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