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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.05.08] movie trailer apocalyptic news scifi

With the American Film Market in full swing we're finally going to be able to bring you guys news of all kinds of weird and wonderful genre flicks from around the globe that may otherwise have slipped through our spidey senses. Take Meteor for example, a Deep Impact like flick that stars Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd, as yet another doctor in a race against time!

When an unparalleled series of meteorites plummet to Earth, a scientist and his assistant race against time to provide vital information to Dr. Chetwyn, the only one who has the power to prevent the impending destruction. Amidst the chaos, Detective Jack Crowe desperately searches for his psychotic ex-partner Stark before the madman seeks revenge against his father Police Chief Crowe who is dealing with subsiding the panic in his small town as the meteor storm continues.

Meteor also stars Seinfeld alumni Jason Alexander, Marla Sokoloff, and Stacy Keach, and is currently in post production. Trailer after the break.

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rek (12 years ago) Reply

Guh. Another Yankocentric meteror apocalypse. The only way meteorites would only hit the US is if they all hit in the same couples of hours or were timed to hit when the US rotates into the path of the stream of debris. Looks like a SciFi Channel/direct to video production.


Thul Dai (11 years ago) Reply

I saw the first part (of how many?) and it was painfully bad. Better be prepared to suspend any belief you've ever had and see the most improbable happen all the time not to advance the story but for cheap thrills.

One (non-spoiler) example: Truck that was just hit by a meteorite is engulfed in flames and heading for us and neither slowing down/stopping nor blowing up nor veering off the road but actually following some of the 'heros' even as they try to evade it.

Sad to see Jason Alexander in such a movie.


petrit alshiqi (11 years ago) Reply

meteor live

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