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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.06.08] post apocalyptic zombies movie trailer news horror

Director Tony Nunes dropped us a line yesterday to pass along the first trailer for Zombie Allegiance; a film he calls his "unique take on what George Romero, and George Miller have constructed as a bleak future." A socio-political examination of American values, Allegiance puts forth that "in a wasteland of death and decay, selfish pride is the greatest villain of all."

The film takes place in a post nuclear WWIII America, where those who were not killed in the attacks, were turned to zombies by a second biological attack. The world is mostly dead, and those who survived are either vigilantes, or desperate survivalists. One such group of survivalists find themselves defending their lives from much more than zombies and vigilantes, when strange disappearances start to occur. Religion, politics, and the fundamental struggle of right and wrong construct a backdrop to what is much more than a zombie/slasher flick, but a true account of American values.

Zombie Allegiance stars Brandon Luis Aponte, Richard Tretheway, Jennifer Kimmerle and Andre Boudreau and is currently in the final stages of post-production (though we're promised a screener in December!!).

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John Maclean (12 years ago) Reply

Can't wait for tis one! Tony has a great future in the genre. Zombie for President! Oh No! You just had one!!


eXistenZ (12 years ago) Reply

I dig the trailer, and from what I know Richard (Feeding the Masses, Splatter Disco, Beyond the Dunwich Horror) is the DP on this project, and his films whip a horses ass with a rubber hose. I look forward to seeing how this unique few on the zed-genre pans out.

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