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quietearth [Celluloid 11.10.08] movie news thriller

Yes! Finally a trailer for Joko's latest, and boy, does it look like a doozy. His last film Kala was spectacular, done in a film noir style with a supernatural tip and an extra weird ending (I'd highly recommend it), so I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this.

"A successful sculptor whose life run by domineering wife and mother discovers a secret organization in which members can watch the lives of most dysfunctional, depraved families in the town which are fed from hidden cameras. When he stumbles upon a channel showing a little boy who’s being viciously abused by his parents, he tries to find the kid to save him. But his quest leads him back to a secret door in his own house that could be the answer to many puzzles."

Trailer after the break.

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freetolivefree (13 years ago) Reply

OMG! This looks fantastic! Joko Anwar has done it again! Can't wait! Must be fun and sick!


Unay (13 years ago) Reply

Wooohooooooo........Joko Rocks!!! Sukses yaaaaaa.


gedabruz (13 years ago) Reply

Keren pak trailernya....


fufu (13 years ago) Reply

Speechless, Joko is truly an amazing movie maker ever...!!! I love this trailer...!!! Can't hardly wait to see the full version of Pintu Terlarang in movie theatre...!!!


kim (13 years ago) Reply

Gokil, mantap bner nih trailer...
keren keren keren...


Sau (13 years ago) Reply

Slick... remarkable peace!! as always!!


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