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quietearth [Celluloid 11.11.08] movie news scifi

I actually found this a couple of weeks ago and was holding off on announcing it, but scifiwire just got further details on it. Simon Beaufoy, writer of Slumdog Millionare and The Full Monty has just finished the first draft a script adapting Steven Hall's novel The Raw Shark Texts. It's kind of in the vein of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in that a conceptual shark eats peoples memories. While I haven't read the book I have to say the concept sounds insane, and even though a script has been written this doesn't guarantee the film will get made. There's no director or anything attached to it yet. Here's a production description of the book from Amazon:

"The Raw Shark Texts, called “clever, playful . . . sharp and clear” by the Los Angeles Times and “a horror-dystopic-philosophical mash-up” by the New York Times Magazine, is a novel unlike any other. Eric Sanderson wakes up in a house one day with no idea who or where he is. Instructed by a mysterious note to visit a Dr. Randle, Eric learns that the agony of losing the love of his life in a scuba-diving accident three years before has destroyed his memory. But there may be more to the story, or it may be a different story altogether. As Eric begins to examine letters and papers left in the house by “the first Eric Sanderson,” a staggeringly different explanation for what is happening to Eric emerges, and he and the reader embark on a quest to recover the truth and escape the remorseless predatory forces that threatens to devour him. The Raw Shark Texts is a kaleidoscopic novel about the magnitude of love and the devastating effect of losing that love."

If anyone has read the book, please chime in.

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

I've read the book and it's phenomenal... I just hope they do it justice


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

I just finished reading it, and stumbled upon this site. Wonderful book, its going to take an incredibly talented director and art director to pull this off, *Spoiler* considering the final 50 pages of the book are pretty much a retelling of the end of Jaws *spoiler*

Great news though!


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

If you're looking for some more info,
head on over to for some great discussion on the book and film ideas :)


JG (10 years ago) Reply

It is probably my favorite book.

I think this will either be an incredible movie or a terrible one, depening on how well it interprets the book.

I'm leaning toward optimism because of the big name already on the project though.

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