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quietearth [Celluloid 11.11.08] post apocalyptic zombies movie news

Andrew Gunn will be directing Devil's Playground based on a script by Bart Ruspoli (an actor in Band of Brothers and Rome) and the film will be produced by Jonathan Sothcott. Some big names are attached: Did I say Vinnie Jones? This'll be the second post apocalyptic film he's in by my count, the first being Tooth & Nail. Here's what producer Sothcott had to say about the film:

”Starring Vinnie (MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN) Jones, Danny (SEVERANCE) Dyer, Tamer (THE FERRYMAN) Hassan, Martin (EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE) Kemp, Jemima Rooper, Billy Murray and Lisa (PUMPKINHEAD: ASHES TO ASHES) McAllister, DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND details the plight of the last remnants of a civilization destroyed by an all-out zombie armageddon, following the misguided experiments of a presumed-dead Nobel Prize-winning virologist. In a bid for survival, a group of survivors seek safe haven on a coastal British island, where they hole up in a gas station. Joining them is Cole, a man Sothcott describes as having “little or no conscience, who was made to survive in a world such as this, and who is after someone or something. He will stop at nothing until he succeeds in his mission.”

The group’s sanctuary is compromised by a freak accident, however, and all hell breaks loose once they seek refuge in a house on the outskirts of a nearby forest. Channeling NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, the danger comes from not only the encroaching zombie horde, but also from within, as desperation and paranoia mount. Not in keeping with George A. Romero’s zombie oeuvre are the flick’s ghouls, which—like the infected in 28 DAYS/WEEKS LATER, are lightning-fast, and Sothcott reveals that they’ll be portrayed by “free runner” athletes. “I’ve seen the stuff these guys do and the way they move, and it will be more terrifying than any CGI trickery. These boys are going to be savage. Teaming tough-guy icons Danny, Tam and Vinnie, we need some pretty serious adversaries—and our monsters are as brutal as they come.”

And here's a synopsis I found on the production website:

"The undead swarm over the globe. One man's folly brings the dead back to life, dead that kill, dead that move with lightning speed. Michael Brooke, the great Novel Prize winning virologist responsible for this Armageddon is believed to be done, and hope is fading fast.

But one group of survivors seek to reach a mythical safe haven, an island to the east coast of England, where the remnants of the country's infrastructure are attempting to find a solution to the plague sweeping the earth. A petrol station attendant and a mechanic, a young girl and a reporter, a man who isn't what he seems and his neurotic sister. Thrown together by the horrific fate the world has encountered. All want to survive, and some will do anything in order to live another day.

Joining them is Cole, a cop. A man with little or no conscience, a killer, a man who doesn't care. But a man who was made to survive in a world such as this. When a freak accident leaves the petrol station unsafe and their only means of transport damaged beyond repair the group seek shelter in a nearby house on the outskirts of a forest. Time is running out. The undead approach. People are not who and what they seem. Some people will stop at nothing to survive. Some people will do anything to keep their loved ones safe.

The fight for survival has begun."

That's all for now folks, more as it comes.. Thanks to Avery and via Fangoria.

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trogen (12 years ago) Reply

sounds brutal!


Lexic (12 years ago) Reply

This one is the best my fav !!!

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