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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.17.08] movie news horror fantasy

Between Solomon Kane, and the upcoming reboots of Conan, and Red Sonja, it appears Hollywood has gone totally bonkers over Robert E. Howard lately- and that's alright with me. Of course, with Brett Ratner officially on board for Conan my dreams of it being a film that will breath new life into the franchise and maybe even spark a new interest in hard R pulp fantasy cinema are pretty much dashed.

Enter Douglas Aarniokoski (probably most famous for his second unit directing on Resident Evil: Extinction) who is on board to helm the Robert Rodriguez produced Red Sonja. His plans to turn Red Sonja into an R rated return to its pulp roots are reportedly similar to that of Ratner's except with Rodriguez involved I have more faith.

A one page treatment detailing the film's plot was recently leaked from Nu Image. It's spoiler heavy but sounds pretty cool. It's a little blurry so you may have to take some Dramamine.

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