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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.18.08] post apocalyptic movie news cyberpunk short

Baby Boom is an an impressive looking cyber-war short coming from French newcomer Thierry Lorenzi. But honestly, beyond that we don't know much. There are a plethora of official pages for the film including a website, and a Myspace page, but they're all in French. Here's a bad interflab translation of the synopsis:

A sheriff, a priest, a mercenary, a woman, a devastated ground. Three men, a androïde female, a bunker and a war. The account is good…

Almost sounds like the beginning of a lude joke doesn't it? Well luckily the film looks to be no joke as you'll see by the teaser after the break. I've also included a short making of video as well. Tell me this doesn't look intriguing...

Baby Boom Trailer

Making of Baby Boom

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