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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.18.08] movie news short horror video

Steven Kostanski's 10 minute short film Insanophenia is a technically astounding slice of the macabre. Full of stop motion ghoulies and mutants that look like they're right out Rob Botin's demo reel, Insanophenia is like a cross between The Thing, The Gate and that Tool video for "Sober."

Two dim-witted exterminators are about to find there are more disturbing things than the sexual advances of their maniacal supervisor as they descend into a nightmarish world of indescribable terror.

Most recently, Insanophenia played at the Montreal Underground Film Festival to rave reviews but we've got the entire short after the break so you can beat the crowds and watch the whole thing in the comfort of your own cubical right now!

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Kurt (12 years ago) Reply

Liked the effects works. Sad to say that these guys are not very funny though. Probably should have went the 'creepy-serious' route rather than the ironic one.


Adam (12 years ago) Reply

Check out Kostanski's latest/darkest:

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