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quietearth [Celluloid 11.19.08] movie news short scifi

One of our favorite up and coming genre filmmakers, Martin Gauvreau, has decided to put all of his short films online for free, which currently amounts to Agnieszka 2039, Apolonia Dream, and Alicja Wonderland. While I've done reviews of a couple of his films, there's really no need to link them here as you can now watch them in full in high-def. My personal favorite is Agnieszka 2039 which got heavy play all around the globe and won countless awards.

"Joy and pain go hand in hand when an angelic being is delivered the box of eternity and subjected to the fateful decision of the gods."

You can go to Martin's official website to enjoy!

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Mack_twitch (12 years ago) Reply

Oh yeah. Love 'Agnieszka 2039'. Thanks for the heads up. Heading over right now!!!

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