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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.21.08] zombies movie news horror video

Those Asian experts over at 24fps have found the first footage for Tak Sakaguchi's upcoming horror/action flick Samurai Zombie and, while quite wacky, it still manages to impress with some great character acting and well choreographed sword play.

A family on a trip encounters a man threatening them with a gun on a desolate mountain trail. At a moment of maximum tension, a couple shows up out of nowhere, kill the man and disappears again. Shortly after a lunatic old lady comes and warns them of their impending death. The frightened family is headed for a showdown with Samurai Zombies resurrected from their graves.

Here's the deal though. The footage was presented as part of a press conference with the cast and crew so if you can't speak Japanese or you start to tire of the cast's awesome hairdos, you may want to fast forward to about 5:30 and watch the 4 short clips.

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we (13 years ago) Reply

will this go for an oscar in best cinematography?? just when the chick in red is readjusting her boobs the camera man goes for an extreme close up.

the rest looks cheap and dull.

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