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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.21.08] post apocalyptic movie trailer scifi action

Yes we've covered this movie A LOT this year but every new bit of footage just keeps making this Russian scifi epic look better and better and better. This new trailer is chock full of so much scope and awesomeness that it's truly mind boggling. With futuristic cityscapes, dystopian oppression, Gilliam-esque machinery, action, explosions galore, and werewolves what's not to love?

"The year 2157. The blossom times for the human civilization. Pilots of the Freelance Search Group enjoy interstellar traveling. A Russian spacecraft, piloted by a 22 year old Maxim Kammerer, crashes on the distant inhabited Saraksh planet. After long years of a nuclear war, an environmental crisis reigns over the planet, the society is overburdened with social problems, and the established peace is quite shaky. The brave astronaut will explore a mysterious land governed by the Unknown Fathers who are five anonymous rulers manipulating the inhabitants consciousness using special emitters. There Maxim will meet new friends, make enemies, find his love and, after getting through dangerous trials, hunger, mortal hazards and losses, will lead a rebel movement challenging the five greedy rulers."

Honestly, when is this coming out already!?

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Ivan (14 years ago) Reply

Has nothing to do with the feel from the book, nor it looks like you imagine it when read it. Just another HOllywood-inspired Russian crap. Like DayWatch.


Anonymous (14 years ago) Reply

no, no, no. the strugatsky brothers are rolling in their graves. this looks horrible. save some "brazil" type visuals. run away.


wolfeyes (14 years ago) Reply

I haven't read the book, but I know this movie looks fun, if rather ambitious. Stalker is in my top five favorite films, but Russia's new big-budget action movies (like Night Watch) excite my American blood. Tarkovsky is dead, rest in peace, whereas one Strugatsky brother lives. Long live the new flesh. Long live videodrome.


al-muazib (14 years ago) Reply

here is this trailer with better sound and english subtitles

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