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quietearth [Film Festival 11.25.08] movie news interview

Remember that report back in May about Jodorowsky and David Lynch teaming up to do a metaphysical gangster film called King Shot? We've been eagerly awaiting any news since, and while the status of the film looks like it's either in pre-prod or production itself (depending where you look), it does look like it's definitely going forward as this interview gives us some tidbits and some fantastic looking concept art. For those of you who don't know about Jodorowsky, he's one of the most brilliant filmmakers of our time (see: The Holy Mountain)

Unfortunately we don't have much in the way of a synopsis, although it looks like some form of the Pope (which eats human flesh and shoots frickin' laser beams from his eyes) makes an appearance along with Jodorowsky's trademark religious themes and symbolism. I can't wait for this, it looks that fantastic. Oh yea, the cast includes Nick Nolte, Asia Argento, Mickey Rourke, Arielle Dombasle and Marilyn Manson. Interview after the break.

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agentorange (13 years ago) Reply

Jodorowsky is a fascinating dude and King Shot looks completely insane. You're right the art is amazing.

Makes me want to re-watch his other "metaphysical spaghetti-western" El Topo.


pat (13 years ago) Reply

sorry, never heard of this guy before, pardon me. i ll promise to check out his stuff, however...claiming in the first 5 secs of an interview that you know exactly what the young people of today have been waiting to see for ages on the big screen; either extremely ballsy or very idiotic...i dont know. but if lynch is should be quite interesting in any case.


Mr.Jagil (13 years ago) Reply

Holy shit this looks awesome! Can't wait!


Jess (13 years ago) Reply

Flesh eating Pope? I'm all over it. I've not seen El Topo although it's on the top of the list now...Jodorowsky's reputation preceeds him and I'm sure this film will be AMAZING. Can't wait to see it. Thanks for this phenomenal interview.


wolfeyes (13 years ago) Reply

This is really exciting news!

I bet the title is short for "***king Shot", as in "holy crap, I've been ***king shot!" or, "I just ***king shot a kick-ass movie."

A flesh-eating pope gangster film doesn't sound remotely as emotionally charged and moving as Santa Sangre is, quite mercifully perhaps.


Killcrop (13 years ago) Reply

Jodo's the one director that can make such absurd and ballsy comments.Funny how he's working with Lynch...i wonder what Dune would have been like if the two collaborated with Giger's concepts...


projectcyclops (13 years ago) Reply

Wow. Just... Wow.


JaneaneTheAcerbicGoblin (13 years ago) Reply

This is Alejandro's first film in 18 years. He hasn't directed a film since The Rainbow Thief (which has some good moments).

I think it's cool that Lynch is co-producing it. Two true artists, Lynch and Jodorowsky.

Great cast, too, especially Asia Argento.


Jonathan K. (13 years ago) Reply

Holy crap, this is some of the best film news I've heard since I found out about Inland Empire.


kapablo (13 years ago) Reply

Jodorowsky is my favourite artist. I have been waitng for so long for King Shot. Although I was encouraged to keep believing that the film will be realised by the videoclip, I still have a lot of doubdts about when it will be filmed. Who is putting in the big money? What production company will produce it?


augite (13 years ago) Reply

Kto-nibud znaet kogda film perevedut na russkiy?


Gervalk (13 years ago) Reply

Jodorovsky est un des plus grandes réalisateurs jamais existés et encore vivants du cinéma post-contemporain
Condamné au bannissement du cinéma commercial hollywoodien, père du cinéma Gork, prophète maudit et proscrit de la société occidentale.
Génie allégorique qui présidait la destiné des êtres humains dans l'orage violent qui accompagnait la folie schizophrène des personnages dans ses filmes (The Holly Mountain, El Topo, Santa sangre, etc.)
Les filmes crées par Jodorovsky sont d'une beauté surréaliste inouïe et à même temps d'une profondeur viscérale déchirante.
D'autre part, le côté psychologique obscure qu'enture les thématiques de ses filmes nous font réfléchir à la complexité de l'esprit humain.
En fin, être témoin du travail passionné d'un génie est un privilège qui nous chasse hors des banalités du cinéma et de l'art médiatique contemporains auquel l'abstraction est incontournable.
Or, il y a deux façons de diffuser la lumière, soit étant la lampe qui l'émette soit étant le miroir qui la reflète. Jodorovsky est ainsi la lumière qui touche les esprits éveillés.


Gervalk (13 years ago) Reply

Jodorovsky is one of the biggest still living and never existed film directors of the post contemporary cinema. Condemned for the proscription of the Hollywood commercial cinema, father of the cinema Gork, clairvoyant curses and proscribes of the western society.
Allegoric genius which governed intended by the human beings in the violent storm which accompanied the schizophrenic madness of the figures in his films (The Holly Mountain, El Topo, Santa sangre, etc)
Films created by Jodorovsky are of a prodigious surrealist beauty and in the same time of a harrowing inbred depth. On the other hand, the psychological side obscure which enture themes of his films make us in the complicacy of human mind think.
At the end, to be witness of the job passionate in a genius is a privilege which dispels us out of the banality of the contemporary media cinema and the art in which abstraction is inevitable.
And, there are two manners of broadcasting light, or being the lamp which issues it or being the mirror which reflects it. Jodorovsky is so the light which touches bright minds.


mrsifuentes (13 years ago) Reply

I would love to do a documentary interview with Jodorovsky. A true artist in every word.


Phil (13 years ago) Reply

claiming in the first 5 secs of an interview... (pat)

To Pat:

Please do not make such ignorant comments. especially when you're quoting text from an english translation of a man who's whole existence is the epitome of an artist in the 20th/21st century. Completely original and always controversial with no real form of wealth coming from any of his movies he does it because he needs to.


Beatrice (13 years ago) Reply

RE: To Pat:

if you don't know who Jodorowsky is, you're infected by being too young and "in the know". Jodorowsky is a huge creative force whose influence extends well beyond the united states. And I'm sorry, but he crushes the coffee brewing, digital film making transcendental meditating Lynch on any given sunday. Twin peaks and Blue Velvet happened a long time ago, and Jodorowsky has never truly compromised his cultural output, even with that elephant movie he made in india.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

jodorowsky makes p. great comic books too.

well, made

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