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Christopher Webster [DVD News 11.25.08] movie scifi dvd horror

Alien Raiders might sound like the title to a bad SCIFI original movie but it's been impressing audiences around the states lately and I for one can't wait to check it out. Even our own Bob Doto, a man not easily swayed gave Alien Raiders the thumbs up in his review from The New York Horror Film Fest this year.

According to Dread Central, the DVD will be dropping on Warner Home Video on February 17th. No pre-orders are being taken on the title yet but we'll keep you posted. Full list of special features after the break.

Special Features Include:

• Hidden Terror: The Making of Alien Raiders - An in-depth look at the "hidden among us" themes in the film

• Blood, Sweat and Fears: The Special Effects of Alien Raiders - Behind the scenes look at creating the gory effects for the alien creatures in the film

• Tape #9 Sterling Explains Alien - Hand-held camera footage of Sterling (Ford) detailing the physiology of the alien parasites as well as her first meeting with Ritter

• Tape #12 Spookie's Job - Hand-held camera footage of Spookie (Philip Newby) explaining how he obtained his “talent” for spotting aliens

• Whitney Cam - Postings from Whitney (Streets)'s blog after the Buck Lake incident

• Raw Feed trailers

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