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quietearth [Celluloid 03.30.09] movie news thriller

While we had initally ignored Michael Escobedo's directorial debut in Dark Woods, I changed my mind after checking out the promo reel available for the film. It looks to be well shot and full of silent despair.

A young married couple moves to a secluded area to cope with the wife's terminal illness. As the wife's condition gets worse, the husband's growing detachment from her forces him into a tumultuous relationship with a local teenage girl whom he rescues from a sexual assault.

Check it out here.

UPDATE: The Dark Woods team let us know that there's a spankin' new trailer available for the film. While we LOVED the first promo reel (see above), the new trailer gives us more of a sense of the film's dramatic storyline. Very Poison Ivy meets Crush but like, better than both of those. Check it out after the break.

Trailer via: Dark Woods site

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Bob Doto (14 years ago) Reply

The music/ambient sounds is/are awesome. I wonder who did that...


Pat (14 years ago) Reply

dont u also agree that the cinematography is quite skillful? I mean yeah you are totally right the soundtrack clearly makes the whole reel work but the camera work is also pretty nice. this 3 minute video made me want to see this way more than 99% of all hollywood trailers usually stimlate my mind.

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