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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.27.08] movie news thriller

Last May, producer Peter Hoffman announced that Paul Verhoeven's upcoming Winter Queen, an adaptation of novelist Boris Akunin's book of the same name, would be put on hiatus due to star Milla Jovovich being pregnant - its priority slot was then given to Joseph Khan's Neuromancer project instead (yah!).

Now however, it would appear that things are back on track as the first promotional art for the film has been released along with this lengthier synopsis:

A beautiful day in the park is shattered when a student shoots himself in full view of the promenade public. Why would a rich and attractive young man do such a terrible thing? Decadence and boredom is what the commander of the Criminal Investigation Division of the St. Petersburg Police thinks, but he's curious enough to send out the newest member of the division, Erast Fandorin, to investigate.

Fandorin's irresistibly charming -- a handsome 20 year old who's naive and envious to learn. He vacillates between insanely bold bravery and full on fear as he throws himself whole-heartedly into this mysterious beauty, Amalia Bezhetskaya, a femme fatale who enjoys playing with the despairing emotions of her many well-to-do admirers. Fandorin pursues Amalia to foggy London and back, getting himself in and out of deadly escapades -- he's almost stabbed to death, finds himself forced into a game of Russian Roulette, he's bound in a burlap sack and thrown in the Thames to drown, his memory is in danger of being erased forever and Amalia's ghost even returns from the dead to get her revenge.

Murder and high level conspiracy set against the backdrop of 1800s Russia directed by Paul Verhoeven? Yes please. Travel through the break to see the posters in our gallery. I should clarify though that the second poster is a draft taht was, in the end not chosen by the studio so consider it temp art.

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mikethecat (11 years ago) Reply

And this is the first novel in a series, so let's hope it's good enough to get the other novels to the screen It's really a fine series of books, so I hope the movie does them justice.


Pavlik (11 years ago) Reply

Well, the poster says "The great adventure begins". Let's hope it'll continue ;)

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