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Bob Doto [Celluloid 12.02.08] movie news drama

Roy Stuart is known predominantly as a photographer whose subject matter hovers around (read: is saturated in) themes of erotica, voyeurism, and sexual taboos, a great deal of which can be seen in his volumes of work published over at the full-color-tastic pub house Taschen. Not surprising his full-length debut, THE LOST DOOR, looks to be a filmic version of one of his yet to be exhausted subjects—the female nude—with a little insane asylum to mix it up a bit.

An aside: I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m shocked at how similar the lens is in this film as it is to his photography. It’s Roy Stuart: The Fourth Body, only it’s moving!

Obsession, sex, and illusion are depicted in a series of parallel stories. The Lost Door opens while Kristina is being interrogated in a psychiatric hospital where she has been committed. Catherine, a young psychiatrist has been assigned by the court to discover what goes on in the deranged yet intriguing mind of this suspected murderer, haunted by ghosts and strange sexual situations. After a long confrontation, it's the mysterious Kristina who opens up the young psychiatrists mind to her own repressed desires.

What do I think about what little I’ve seen of the film?
Eh…if what the film is about is to be derived from the plot as presented in the trailer, than I’m totally clueless. The synopsis reveals quite a bit, and from that I’m hooked, but then there’s all that draaaaaaaama. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely interested in checking this out, if for no other reason than to see how Stuart handles that cumbersome thing called plot, when there’s soooo much girl-on-girl action to potentially derail it. Not to mention that annoying oh-so-nihilist French guy wasting oxygen as he talks about how love is not inherent in the human creature. Yawn. I’ve seen more sexual-deviancy at noon on a Sunday in Central Park. So, I just hope this isn’t some lame attempt at “shocking” me. I live in New York—a place where planes fly into buildings. We don’t get shocked.

Clips and trailer after the break! Oh, and NSFW!

Official website with more clips

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Pat (13 years ago) Reply

oh my GOD, this is SO funny, rite. get this. in the trailer they used a certain set of pre-recorded screams and sounds (as it seems). did u recongize them??? here check this video. and then watch the trailer again (yea i know its horrible to look at, just listen to the sound then if u like- its worth it hahaha)


film buff (13 years ago) Reply

The above comment is inaccurate. The screams in this scene are live from a direct microphone. I was on the set when this was being filmed.


dom (12 years ago) Reply

knowing Roy as I do...I know that he would never do something that wasn't 100% genuine..that's very much his ethos!


log habib (11 years ago) Reply


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