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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.04.08] movie news fantasy

Can't wait for Guillermo del Toro's the Hobbit? Need your next LOTR fix a little sooner than 2011? Well you're in luck, another prequel to Peter Jackson's groundbreaking trilogy is currently in production in England and will be available free on the internet next year. It's called The Hunt for Gullum and it's so far from your standard cheapo role playing shenanigans that it was even worth sharing.

The Hunt For Gollum cost just £3,000 to put together, compared with the £190million spent on making the three The Lord Of The Rings films. And, simply put, it looks stunning. I mean, look at the make-up work to the right.

The script is adapted from elements of the appendices of The Lord of the Rings. The story follows the Heir of Isildur; the "greatest huntsman and traveller in Middle Earth" as he sets out to find the creature Gollum. The creature must be found to discover the truth about the Ring, and to protect the future Ringbearer.

Head through the break to check out a gallery of stills and a teaser trailer. With any luck, these guys will use their talents for something entirely original next time. Because they know what they're doing. And oh yeah, there are no scenes taken from the actual LOTR movies. All the costumes and locations were created by the filmmaker Chris Bouchard and his talented crew.

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rcdude (13 years ago) Reply

I've seen some other trailers of this before. Looks good, for a fan-film. I'd see it. The orks look like the ones from he movies. Pretty cool. I want to end up doing a fantasy type video like this. XD


cyberhal (13 years ago) Reply

my, i can't wait, precioussseeee


Clive (13 years ago) Reply

HFG looks pretty sweet, and there's another UK-based LOTR fan flick in the works, Born of Hope, that looks to have potential, too. If you want to find out more about the world of fan films, and what people are up to today, you might want to check out my fan film blog, Also, for what it's worth, I wrote the first book about the history and future of fan films, Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind The Camera, which is coming out this month in the US and around Feb in the UK.

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