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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.10.08] movie news scifi

While it's not made explicitly clear in the trailer, Chad Costen's long in development scifi drama The Coming looks to be in the vein of the upcoming Day the Earth Stood Still, where earth is visited by judgmental aliens who don't like the way we kill each other in senseless wars. In that sense, it look like a smart, slightly political scifi film.

Not that Spielberg never made "smart scifi" or anything but The Coming is also very reminiscent of his early films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It's about an ordinary guy who gets wrapped up in an extraordinary situation. Even the music seems to channel the work of John Williams. Here's a short plot sysnopsis:

Tom's past serves as a window into the future of mankind but what he begins to remember spells a dark fate from which no one can hide. Nothing will stop memories. Nothing can prevent.... The Coming.

Honestly, for a film made by a newcomer just out of film school, The Coming looks like a very impressive film... so where is it? Since 2008 there's been no activity on the the films Myspace page. Let's hope this film finds a home somewhere.

Big up to Quiet Earth reader pillsbarrydoboy for the heads up. Trailer after the break.

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