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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.24.08] post apocalyptic movie trailer news horror

If you backed us into a corner and made us tell you the title of just one movie that we were dying to see in 2009 there's a really good chance we'd blurt out Mutants, the debut flick coming from French Director David Morley. For over a year we've been waiting for footage and lucky for us Todd Twitch tracked down the teaser that makes the wait totally worthwhile.

In a world devastated by a pandemic virus that turns human beings into primitive and bloodthirsty creatures, Marco and Sonia set off to find a secret base to escape from the mutants. When the latter attack them, Marco is contaminated too. Little by little, he undergoes the same changes. Sonia, who is expecting a baby, is then forced to fight her worst enemy, the man she loves.

A virus/zombie flick with a hard and violent edge, Mutants promises to continue the current trend of ground breaking French horror (read: High Tension, Them, Frontière(s) Martyrs...) and I for one can't wait to see more.

Our previous post with synopsis
Behind the scenes footage

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wa5 (11 years ago) Reply

I reckon that I could sit through sub titles for that...

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