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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.26.08] movie trailer news horror

Argh! I love taking time off to do nothing but watch movies for days on end and eat tons of good food but I hate emerging from the holiday bubble only to find that the film world didn't have the same agenda. Over the holidays, the After Dark Horror Fest released more trailers for their 2009 "8 Films to Die For" roster and I missed them. So without further gab, here's the skinny on the third part of the successful Butterfly Effect franchise.

A young man travels back to the past in an attempt to solve the mystery of his high school girlfriend's death. But in doing so, releases a vicious serial killer.

Seth Grossman (Shock Act) directs this latest time traveling thriller starring (surprise surprise) Rachel Miner and Chris Carmack. Trailer after the break.

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