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quietearth [Celluloid 12.31.08] movie news horror comedy romance

Whaaa? This came out of nowhere and it may be a bit low-budget but you know we're all going to watch it, even with Juliet looking in her mid 30s. I guess they couldn't get Claire Danes to reprise the role, haha.

When Juliet, of noble Capulet birth, falls madly in love with Romeo, a zombie, the streets of fair Verona explode in an ancient feud. As the star crossed lovers struggle to overcome the prejudice toward their unholy union, Juliet’s best friend Mercutio fights to win her heart back from Romeo’s rotting grasp. As this timeless tragedy unfolds into a fresh new comedy, Mercutio finds that he may have to choose between Juliet’s happiness and his own life.

Enjoy the teaser after the break.

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Ryan Denmark (13 years ago) Reply

The full length HD trailer is now available on YouTube at The film has been completed and is submitting for festivals now. Thanks for the traffic. Wish us luck!
Ryan Denmark
Third Star Films


Chris (12 years ago) Reply

Juliet is awesome! Great actress!


Kaisha (12 years ago) Reply

Where can you find this movie? My friend and have been looking for it since a couple weeks ago when we heard about it. I really want to see it ,and I can't find a copy.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

It's available on iTunes now to rent or buy.


lacey (11 years ago) Reply

i am inlove with romeo and juliet... it gives u the inspiration to love who you feel u should... the courage to not give a damn about what other people say... to fight to keep that certain person you have... I am also supose to do a project on this... its uhm... illustrate romeo and juliet as zombies...

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