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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.06.09] movie news horror

Now that James Watkins' debut feature Eden Lake has proven to be a massive success in both scares and popularity, I'm a little less on the fence about The Descent: Part 2. Watkins isn't directing it sure, but one of the biggest concerns I had was with the story and, while I'm still a big fan of the ORIGINAL ending of Neil Marshall's film which **SPOILER** doesn't have any of the characters emerging from the cave, now that I'm convinced Watkins can write it feels like the film could still be a winner.

A new bevy of images have appeared on photographer Oliver Upton's site and I leave it up to you to decide how you feel about them. On one hand, they are great but on the other the crawlers seem a little rubbery.

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trogen (11 years ago) Reply

Loved the first one, hope they do just as good a job with this one.
Rubbery, maybe, but im sure its the lighting.


Ben Austwick (11 years ago) Reply

If it's anywhere near as good as the first one we're in for a treat.

At least the crawlers aren't CGI.

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