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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.08.09] movie trailer news horror

UPDATE: Last night Mark Lewis, director of The Thaw, contacted us to let us know that the original trailer for the film that was circulating was actually a temp version. He was kind enough to pass along the real trailer so check it out.

Last night, Voltage Pictures released the first promo trailer for Romero's new ... Of The Dead film which was all good but, lo and behold, after poking around a bit more, I noticed that they've also released the first trailer for another horror flick I've been waiting to see more from, The Thaw.

A deadly prehistoric parasite is released when a Woolly Mammoth is discovered in a melting ice cap. Faced with a potentially global epidemic, four ecology students must destroy the parasite before it reaches the rest of civilization. One-by-one they are infected and one-by-one they turn on each other. Soon the survivors are left with only one choice - to make the ultimate sacrifice and burn everything to the ground... including themselves.

The Thaw stars Val Kilmer, Steph Song, and Kyle Schmid and is set to be released sometime in 2009. (no specific release date is attached yet).

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scifijones1974 (13 years ago) Reply

I hate to be the guy who says exactly this kind of thing, but this looks and feels JUST LIKE Carpenter's The Thing.


destiny (13 years ago) Reply

I remember watching the thing, and whilst I agree partially I can't judge solely on just a trailer, I will have to wait and watch the movie. This movie has brilliant actors, so hopefully it should be a good movie....fingers crossed.


a boy and his blog (13 years ago) Reply

Is a movie being like the Thing bad? I would love to see Kilmer make a comeback. He used to be so good.


maggiemay (13 years ago) Reply

I used to be a fan of Val Kilmer's and now I'm a fan of Kyle Schmid's, so either way it's a win/win. Considering the only thing anyone has to judge this movie off of is the trailer it doesn't seem quite fair to brand it as being like The Thing until you see the entire movie.


Salter (13 years ago) Reply

Looks really good but there's no getting away from the fact that thematically, it borrows heavily from The Thing.


Eric Shafransky (13 years ago) Reply

This Movie looks very well done and highly action packed. I was Mark A. Lewis's Pupil during my schooling in Kelowna, B.C and ijust wanted to say "Hi, keep up the good work!"


sonaboy (13 years ago) Reply

so, The Thing is the only psychological suspense film in isolated conditions ever made?
you can start by admitting that whatever is in that mammoth is a terrestrial life form, so there's a good place to start. once you remove this main hook from the plot of The Thing, there are actually quite a lot of similar movies that are exemplary of the genre.
The Last Winter, Sunshine, The Ruins, Outpost, etc.
Just labeling this movie as a Thing clone doesn't do it much justice, i'd say.


Mandy (13 years ago) Reply

What a pile of poop. Even this (lousy) poster is a direct plagiarism of the early "Thing" poster, the version that some of the paperback novelizations used as their covers...

Well, I doubt I would watch it anyway, since it has that slime ball Kilmer in it.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

doesn't look anything like the Thing at all. One is about an alien life form that mimics other life on the cellular level, the other is about bugs that eat you.

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