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Well folks, we're still growing at a steady clip and we've got correspondents covering London, Scotland, Toronto, LA, and New York, but we're always looking for more. Specifically: The Netherlands (especially for IFFR coverage), Berlin (for Berlinale and many other fests), as well as San Francisco (which has a large amount of fests), and any other territories. You must love the kind of film we cover, be able to write well, are dedicated, and can meet deadlines. We can't pay but you'll get into festivals for free and get to meet some cool filmmakers. Drop us a line at the contact link at the bottom of the page if interested.

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louis savy (12 years ago) Reply

Hi Folks,

Would love to talk about our film festival and working on some PR, comps etc with you. We have a number of films you reviewed or talk about screening with us.

44 7588 681 566


Misha (12 years ago) Reply

I'd be happy to be your Austin, TX correspondent. I have plenty of experience.
I am a former ( and occasional ) journalist. I spent 16 years in radio and for various parts of that time I was also in print. I started with a weekly music column in the Anchorage Daily News. More recently, I was arts editor for Man! Magazine ( circ: 44,000 ) from 1990-1993, when it folded. I am a working musician, stage actor and licensed counselor. I occasionally do spec pieces and have written puff pieces for classic rock band websites.

Please let me know, specifically, what you would need from me if I were to write for you


Zeller (12 years ago) Reply

I just stumbled upon this website and saw that you need correspondents. Well, I happen to live in Hungary:) Unfortunately, I have no journalist experience but I'm good at English and love the genre!
Drop me an e-mail if it's okay:)


Maureen (12 years ago) Reply


I would love to be a correspondent for this site. I don't study journalism or anything like that, but I do study art, which means I have to write reviews for every arty movie and exhibition I see.

And the movies you cover here are absolutely my kind of 'a good time'.

Greetings from the Netherlands


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

I don't see a request for the NYC/NJ area but I would love to help in any way, shape, or form. Please let me know if I can do anything to assist you great Web site. I can be reached at

Keep up the good work!



Jaman (12 years ago) Reply


I live in London, UK. I can write. And I like films. What more could you possible want?


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

let me know if you need a writer in Singapore!


Hey (12 years ago) Reply

Im Chine, do you need one here?


Spike (12 years ago) Reply

I'm from Belgium, I love PA movies (also scifi & horror), so if you need someone, just contact me!

great site btw!


deirdre (12 years ago) Reply

Hi, I'm from France, I just discovered your site because of the review of "The-Good-the-Bad-and-the-Weird" !
Thank U !
If U need help from France....


TheCrystalFerret (12 years ago) Reply


I'm a new and avid reader of your website. BAsically you're covering with such passion and alacrity all the industry news i'd want to know about. In the few month i've been reading you, you've become my number one source of material and knowledge about all thoses thing i crave to see, be it post-ap, art house, plein weird or downright mindboggling.

I'd be honored to cover anything you'd might need in France, i'm in PAris, at the heart of anything worth happening in the industry so to say, i praise myself of being a walking bible about genre and arthouse movies, got a Master in Cinéma, and in the end i'm still First AD with CGI sfx as a specialty.

I know how to write, hold a deadline and above all spread my love of underdog or overlooked movies like peanut butter on the soft toast of the average mind.

I look forward to hear from you.
Best Regards.



Eric Mahleb (12 years ago) Reply

i live in Berlin and this is what i do on my spare time:
Since you are not paying, i am assuming that doing this on the side is acceptable.
Let me know if you are interested. I know i am.


mzh (12 years ago) Reply

i live close to san francisco and my services are at your disposle


traumaville (12 years ago) Reply

If you need anything from the Great White North (Alberta, Canada), let me know. I have oodles of movie review experience (I contribute to a local weekly alt-newspaper), and I'm a lifelong fan of the genre.



Manuel (12 years ago) Reply

If you need anyone from Spain (preferably me...), let me know it.


JR (12 years ago) Reply

How about SE Asia? [Thailand / Cambo / Beyond]


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

I live in Berlin and I love film so much if you split my veins lines of 35mm would spew forth...I'm getting round to to digital age though...really...

Let me know if I can write for you...

candice AT you look nice tonight DOT com


marioazd (12 years ago) Reply

Hello, im from chile and a fan of Quietearth. This month we are going to shot a scfi-horror shortfilm.
You can wath a teaser here:
more info soon


Malasana (12 years ago) Reply

I am a German student of film studies in Vienna, Austria and I am frequently commuting between Vienna and Berlin. Right now I'm writing my thesis on "dystopian visions in cinema" and I am pretty lucky to have your website as one of my sources. I am an avid and frequent festival visitor and I also have work experience when it comes to festivals as well as publishing literature about movies and film theory in general. Let me know if I can be of any help, I'd be happy to contribute.


askr (12 years ago) Reply

Hi Guys,
If you need any one from Poland, count me in!

I love the stuff, the movies you write on this site.
My writing experience - usuealy aviation and aviation sports stuff for press releases from my team.


bruelsr (12 years ago) Reply

If you are ever in need of writers in the Denver, Colorado area, please let me know. I am an avid fan of the PA genre and have an extensive collection of PA related literature, movies and games.


Tobias (12 years ago) Reply

I'm from the Netherlands and love to write for this site, even though I just discovered this site. I really enjoy post-apocolyptic movies and I'm starting to expand my collection with some of the masterpieces in the genre.

My English is pretty good and i have some journalism experience through my education and my internship at a Dutch music site.

If you need me, let me know!



sjb (12 years ago) Reply

If you are looking for help in the Midwest, let me know. I am a tremendous PA fan and a published film critic with articles appearing every month or so.


serkan kalfa (12 years ago) Reply

need a hand from Turkey?


ALADYGMA (12 years ago) Reply

hi!! i´m from cancun,mexico and i love any kind of movies, i can write in spanish too because i´m mexican and i´ve no problems writing in english. i´ve a site where i write movie news in spanish you can visit it if you want to:



Ignacio (12 years ago) Reply

Hi there.
Not only an avid movie fan of many genres, I've also written reviews for my university newspaper back in Venezuela.
I'm living in Rotterdam right now and movies are not only a passion or hobby, but a part of my identity as well.
I would love to write reviews for this site.

Best regards



j.fakenham (12 years ago) Reply

..I can give some input/updated news on everything concerning norwegian film/television, all various genres or format!

I stand at your disposal!

Sincerely, J.F.


Ron Curry (12 years ago) Reply

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Hrvoje Karalic (12 years ago) Reply


I have been volunteering at the Sitges Festival ( for the last two years. In the span of 11 days, I have been able to watch over 50 films, and attend press conferences and workshops by Rutger Hauer, Douglas Trumbull, Abel Ferrara, George Romero and other greats. Of course, the Red Bull cooler in the press office helped with the frantic pace. This year I will not volunteer, but would be happy to cover the festival for you as a journalist. It starts in early October, and this year, special focus in on Alien films! Keep up the good work,



Eric (12 years ago) Reply

Hello there,

With L'Etrange Festival ( beginning in Paris, France as soon as tomorrow, please let me know if you want me to cover some weird movies here.



Sebastien (12 years ago) Reply

Hi there,

I live in Montreal. I think you already have a correspondent here but just in case you actually don't, I'd be more than happy to cover the upcoming Festival du Nouveau Cinema for you guys (in October).

I have no experience per se but I love cinema and I love to write about it.



Bjorn (12 years ago) Reply

Allright, a friend of mine pointed this out and said I should give it a shot. I live in Holland, have done some previous journalism on IFFR, have been shown at NFF (Netherlands FilmFestival) and visited and written some thoughts on Imagine (when it was still the AFFF, Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival) twice. I know my way around the festivals here. Am a certified audiovisual designer, am into movies, into scifi and into the whole PA thing.

Writing in Dutch is one of my assets, though the English is coming along just fine. Practice makes perfect, right?

Drop a line if it seems worth the effort. Am motivated and would be pleased :).



rickzan (12 years ago) Reply

we are a group of friends from Barcelona, spain,. all he years we spend los of days in SItges to see until 5 movie a day. can we collaborate with your magazine?


Manu (12 years ago) Reply

if you need a photographer in Berlin you got one. I could also write but dont have all the spare time I would like.




Geoffrey Crete (12 years ago) Reply

I live in Paris. I studied cinema during 3 years. I'm journalist on a website (tv series/movies). I love your kind of movies. I'm curious. I want to meet new people. I love the english language.
Don't hesitate if you need help, i'd love to work with you.


Chrome (12 years ago) Reply

I am a independent author as well as recovering cyberpunk. I would love to set the first beachhead in the Great State of Maine.


Nic (12 years ago) Reply

I realise you guys seem to have the NY/NJ area covered, but if you ever need an extra hand I'd be more than willing to lend a hand in any way - events, reviews, etc.

All the best,


paul (12 years ago) Reply

hi i do the peoplesmovies blog in scotland and live in glasgow area but at push maek it over to edinburgh, can help anyway.


Chris (12 years ago) Reply

Hello, I am from Denver and I would like to volunteer my time and limited abilties if they are needed in this area. I know there isn't much happening around here as far as events and fests, but I would do my best to cover anything in the Rocky Mtn. area. We do have a fairly big film fest ever year. I am a life long P.A. fan. I have a huge collection of Sci-Fi DVD's, with a ton of P.A. (a lot thanks to your site).I love your website and would do whatever is needed to help.


Josh (12 years ago) Reply

Hi, I am from Ghent (Belgium). I study at the RITS (a filmschool in Brussels) and I have acces to the filmfestival in Ghent. I'll check as many movies out due to my shedule from school and I can bring coverage of the movies that I've seen?


AdiWriter (12 years ago) Reply

I'm a writer and script editor based in Jakarta. Film fan for life and big interest in anything quirky or epic. Indonesian horror & martial arts cinema have been enjoying a rise lately. Let me know if I can contribute.

(for the record, I'm also a contributing writer for local online magazine and print magazine).


Jam Alcid (12 years ago) Reply

Im from the philippines and there are a lot of indie movie fests here. I am willing to contribute my time and it would be my pleasure to write for your site.

Let me know if I can write for your site. :D


LeMartien (12 years ago) Reply

Hi, From Paris :)
It would be great to help you !
I studied cinema during 4 years and i love genre films :)


T. Scully (12 years ago) Reply

I live in Rotterdam and only a 10 minute walk from the city center where IFFR takes place. I must admit that I am not as qualified as others who have offered to cover IFFR, but maybe I can still help.
I am a native English speaker, have not majored in film but have taken some classes and written film analyses on a couple of films before. In any case, I am particularly interested in the types of films reviewed on this website and have also entered a short film in next year's IFFR. Whether it qualifies remains to be seen.
If my services are of any use to you, then I would be most enthusiastic about lending them.


babajaga (12 years ago) Reply

Need anyone from HUngary?


coolerking (12 years ago) Reply

Hi, I'm in central London and would love to help if you need me. I have a post-grad degree in film, I review genre movies for SOLDIER magazine here in the UK but, above all, I'm a lifelong film fan with a particular interest in the post-apocalypse genre. Let me know!


Blekbird (12 years ago) Reply

If you need any one from Brasyl, count me in!
Um abraço! (Hugs!)


Sylvain Mino (12 years ago) Reply

Good day Quiet Earth, I am live Ottawa, Canada.
I love reviewing movies, software, devices. My profession is more along the lines of technical writer/ systems architect. If you need someone in this area, feel free to call on me. Have a good one!


John P. Villeneuve (12 years ago) Reply

Hi there QE. I am a former Toronto native (I just moved a short jaunt from the metro area in October, after TIFF ended). I have a double major from WLU in English Lit/Linguistics and a major in Film Theory from the University of Waterloo. I wrote film, music, concert reviews for both university papers. If you would like to see some of my recent articles you can catch them here

My top five films this year would be:

A Prophet
Where the Wild Things Are
Mother (Madeo)
Police, Adjective.


Giorgos (12 years ago) Reply

Hi. If you want anyone in Athens, Greece let me now. I have experience. I wrote film reviews for a site in my country.


Rebekah Smith (11 years ago) Reply

Hi There, my names Rebekah I am one of the Abertoir Horror Film Festival organsiers, which is a festival based in Aberystwyth, Wales. I am currently writing a phd on Quentin Tarantino and I have a lot of experience writing both film and film festival reviews. Please contact me for further information and samples if you wish. Thank you.


jomgou louis hubert (11 years ago) Reply

Hi! i live in Moscow-Russia good in french and english. I am a song writter and i love show byz since it has always been my dream to become an artist . contact me for further information. louis


jack mcfarlane (11 years ago) Reply

Hello Quite Earth. Been checking your site regularly for a while and feel that you are very much on my wave length. I love cinema as a whole, but hold a special place in my heart for sci-fi and post-apoc movies. I've studied film theory and history intensively for about 5 years and have been a pop culture student for as long as I can remember. I’d love to write for you and if you'd like a sample of writing I'd be happy to send something. I'm currently living in Glasgow/Scotland, but will moving to LA in June.


Luis Rosales (11 years ago) Reply

I send you an email for the spanish coverage. Please read it and answer.


donald blakemore (11 years ago) Reply

I love the site.
Would love to help out in any way that i can.
I am also unemployed at the moment...lots o free time.

(los angeles)


Diego Navarro (11 years ago) Reply

Hi Quiet Earth!I´m an Audiovisual Communication student and i currently write on diverse blogs, i would be very interested in working with you.


Diego Navarro (11 years ago) Reply

*Refering to the Spain offer


Denis (11 years ago) Reply

Hellow, i'm from Sao Paulo (Brazil) and I'm a fan of Quiet Earth. I work as a journalist for some local sites and magazines, covering movies and tv, focusing especially on sci-fi and horror. I also have a tumblr that covers geeky subjects
If you need someone in Brazil, just e-mail me!


Tom Verplancke (11 years ago) Reply


My name is Tom and I'm from Bruges, Belgium. I read you were looking for correspondents and I think I'm the man for the job. I'm so excited by movies. I have a huge dvd collection and it's growing every day. I could talk and write about movies for days.

let me know,



Bas Tobben (11 years ago) Reply

Hi there,
I'm just a guy who loves the genre, watched the movies and played the games . and i would love to be a correspondent for your site. I'm from Holland so let me know if you guys need someone over here.



Meredith Taylor (11 years ago) Reply


I've covered LFF several times and written for various publications.

Always happy to help


Hamdiya Ibrahim (11 years ago) Reply

I am a student journalist from Ghana and would love to work with u.I LOVE MOVIES SO MUCH.

Leave a comment