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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.07.09] movie trailer news scifi horror

This largely mysterious English/Russian science fiction co-production might just be a killer thriller in the vain of this year's Paranormal Activity or it could be a dud. It's hard to tell from the short trailer we've found but we're hoping that Almaz Black Box writer/director Christian Johnston may just have struck horror gold.

In 1998 a Russian Military Space Station received a powerful signal of unknown origin. Sixty-seven hours later the Station broke up in the Earth's atmosphere. The Russian Government initiated an extensive cover-up. They were unable to find the Station's Black Box and assumed it was destroyed on reentry. They were wrong. This year, the disturbing contents of the Black Box will be revealed.

Even though Almaz Black Box was largely ignored by the media, it played at Cannes film fest in 2007 and appears to be getting a DVD release from Revolver on March 23 2009.

Trailer after the break.

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le critique (12 years ago) Reply

ce film est terrible...vraiment vraiment le mauvais!


dust (12 years ago) Reply

it is playing in Japan for 4 months now and when i was in a packed friday night in Tokyo everyone lost their shit, even me and i don't freak easy. i guess it is a new edit of all the footage. it is bad ass. Paranormal Activity only gets going at the very end.


Gordon (12 years ago) Reply

Excellent movie! True horror gemstone and must see for every fan of the genre. I happen to know some of Russian language so I understood most of dialogues in that language during the film (which was a lucky circumstance, since English translation was not always right and precise enough compared to what characters did say), which helped me to experience the whole movie in best way. Atmosphere of suspense, fear and awaiting is fantastic! 9/10, I would rate.

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