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quietearth [Celluloid 01.14.09] post apocalyptic movie news

With news of Cirio H. Santiago's throwback to 80s post apocalyptic fare Road Raiders comes something not unexpected seeing as PA films are now en vogue. According to Fangoria, Joe Davison (100 Tears) will write and direct Experiment 7 which starts production in March. Davison will star along with filmmaker Timo Rose, Rod Grant, Raine Brown, Jack Amos, Candice Rojas, Dwight Cenac, and Alan Rowe Kelly.

The story concerns Dr. Felix Copper, a scientist in a postapocalyptic world attempting to find a cure for the radiation poisoning that has blighted the planet. He runs into a couple of survivalists and then a supermodel-turned-weapons expert, and together they battle vicious mutants to try to save mankind.

Thanks to Avery for the heads up.

Stay tuned to Quiet Earth because we've got a real doozy on a piece of PA news for you tomorrow.

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pleeg3 (12 years ago) Reply

Hey that sounds interesting, even the supermodel-turned-weapons expert, because every movie has to have one of those. Along with the inevitable Nuclear War I find a staple for every movie I seem to love.


Jeff (12 years ago) Reply

Gotta have them...they're vital. You really have to enjoy these films...sometimes where the best directors used to get their start.
And...nothing better than some real doozy PA news on my birthday...TA!


angela (12 years ago) Reply

to add to above comment, as well as the best supermodel/actresses get their start also. They all have to start somewhere. What a wonderful place.

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