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quietearth [Film Festival 01.13.09] movie news drama

I read about this over on indiewire and what caught my eye was the "kaleidoscopic film portrait" and the fact the film is about a girl just released from a psychiactric hospital. While we don't currently have any footage, it's supposed to be done in a variety of styles and formats, and I'm hoping for something wonderfully experimental. As Russo's work has been varied with shorts, different jobs including writer and director of one feature under her belt, this might just get her the breakout she needs.

A kaleidoscopic film portrait of Shelly Brown, a twenty-three-year-old alienated urban misfit recently released from a psychiatric hospital. Starring Stella Schnabel, featuring Rene Ricard and introducing other notable New York personalities, the film gives pathos to the frenzy of the youthful desire for acceptance.

Shot in a variety of styles and formats, YOU WONT MISS ME mixes non-actors with professionals, verité with staging, order with abstraction, to paint an evocative picture of a contemporary rebel.

Check out the stills after the break.

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