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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.14.09] post apocalyptic movie news

That's right PA fans. When the rest of the world was drooling over the possibility of seeing Linda Hamilton in Terminator Salvation yesterday, we were quietly confirming even cooler news that the actress would be starring in an entirely different post-apocalyptic film that's currently in development. And man, it's a doozy.

Called Atom and Eve, the upcoming film is being described as a "reverse-Pygmalion post-apocalyptic romantic comedy/adventure," and it sounds wild.

A reverse-Pygmalion post-apocalyptic romantic comedy/adventure, this story introduces Eve, the last woman on earth, and Atom, the homeless man with whom she falls in love. Complicating their relationship is Solomon, a handsome, charismatic scientist on the other side of the sand dunes who has his own private mutant army and a crush on Eve.

The last woman on earth? A PA love triangle? A mutant army? Sand dunes and a homeless man? Bring it! The film comes from writer David Lee Miller, who's 2008 film My Suicide I haven't seen but seems to be getting great early praise, and Vic Dunlop who's last writing credit was the wacky Breakfast of Aliens. More as it comes people!

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Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

It will be interesting to compare it to
Cherry 2000 or Spacehunter
Since both movies had love/crush themes

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