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quietearth [Celluloid 01.16.09] movie news drama

Premiering at the Premiers Plans Film Festival in short order, this looks like a right stock of Irish trouble. I just ran across this today, and while there's no trailer yet, the clips look mighty good.

Although an inconspicuous residential area of a Nothern Irish town is a seemingly dull place to live, the conflict between the Irish Republican Army and British loyalists make it a specific environment formed by its own rules and the constant presence of danger. Colin, whose father was killed in the Troubles, knock around with a gang that gets its kicks off stealing cars and reckless night-time joyrides. When he gets arrested and is given an offer of collaborating with the police instead of going to jail, the problems only get worse. It’s simply a question of time before the adolescent youngster, who moreover is tormented by a sense of betraying his dead father, is discovered by the local IRA as an informer.

Clips after the break.

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Jeff (13 years ago) Reply

I just watched This is England last night...this should have the same gritty realism that is normalacy...for some. Will check it out. Good find. Thanks


pat (13 years ago) Reply

this is england was set in the 80s though, times were tough back then but nowhere near as shite as today. this film portrays contemporary youth culture in ireland (but its the same for much of scotland, england as well as wales). the teens in the clips associate themselves with a certain trend in british youth culture called "chavs", they are basically proud of being the bottom-end scum of society. i really hope the film will be able to shed some light on some of the dreadful conditions some of these young people live in and explain their backgrounds for a wider audience in a realistic and honest way.

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