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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.16.09] zombies movie news

This movie sounds absolutely retarded but because creature designer and FX wizard Chris Walas is in on the project I'm sort of interested. Walas may not be a household name but the projects he's worked on certainly are (or should be as far as I'm concerned). Cronenberg's Naked Lunch and The Fly, underwater monster flick Deep Star Six, Enemy Mine, and Raiders of the Lost Ark are only a few of the classics Walas' work is attached to. Here's what it's about:

When a top-secret experiment goes awry, bio-engineered infant super-soldier mutant zombies run amok at a military base. It is then up to a childless couple, Colonel Elisa Collins and her husband Jeremy, to save the day.

The film is currently in preproduction.

UPDATE: We've received a new piece of promo art which you can see to the right and also got word this is supposed to be "horror comedy in the vein of Gremlins".

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