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quietearth [Celluloid 01.22.09] movie news comedy drama

Someone should tell these guys about deinterlacing.. it gets rid of them lines, but anyways, this is an indy flick directed by Jose Renteria and the trailer is set to some great French Jazz, giving us a whimsical look at the film in all it's high contrast black and white splendor. I want to see it!

"Betty I Am", an inner city Dark Comedy and character piece, is set within the burrows of East Los Angeles. A brother and sister reunite following a five-year hiatus and are forced to stumble towards reconciliation. Paul, a drunken vagrant, finds only awkward inconvenience as Betty is unwittingly thrust into his care. Forced to contemplate the self-afflicted death of her father in solitude; Betty's naive optimism becomes sanctuary for both brother and sister. The realities of street existence have smashed Paul's resolve, and purpose now lies at the bottom of each dissolute liquor bottle. A middle-aged hooker provides the only model of feminine grace for the disgruntled twenty-five year old. Torn between her childhood ideals and the bleak reality of the present, Betty flails in the wake of her day-to-day indecision's. The state of Paul's indifference is tested and ultimately drained by the tenacity of her positive outlook. In the end, the two are given a chance to begin anew with a genuine potential for success.

Trailer after the break.

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Nice!!! French new wave's not dead apparently. How do I get a copy?


loverfighter (12 years ago) Reply

I heard about this one a while ago, saw the teaser on youtube and wasn't sure what it was about, but now i'm even more curious to see it

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