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Out of all the recent post apocalyptic productions we've covered here on Quiet Earth, the BBC's remake of Survivors is easily the most controversial. Some people loved it and others loathed it. Some considered certain episodes better than others while others wrote the whole thing off as a series of missed opportunities. And of course during this hearty debate rumors flew back and forth about plummeting ratings, the possible cancellation of a second season, and whether or not half of the cast would even be returning.

So what's true and what isn't? Well, in a recent interview with Survivors main writer and executive producer Adrian Hodges, he explains that while the ratings did slump by mid series, they picked up by the last two weeks and the show was considered successful by him as well as the BBC who have indeed picked the show up for a second season. He also states that ALL the cast will be returning, despite rumors, but that he can't vouch for how long Joseph Paterson(Greg Preston) will return for as it would ruin the season one cliff hanger.

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Hodges also explains that viewers can expect to see a decidedly darker vision as the series progresses:

"There was a lot in the second half that I wanted to use, but over a long period of time… the structure of the world begins to disintegrate, you’ll see more of the world collapsing. It will gradually become more tribal, in the sense that people will form alliances and groups."

For those of you interested, the full season of Survivors hits DVD in Europe on January 26 '09 and you can order it here.

Of course our own Ben Austwick was following the show as it aired in the UK. You can catch up with all his reviews below.

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Jay.Mac (12 years ago) Reply

I enjoyed the series despite its flaws and I'm glad to hear that it will be back. IMHO the last episode was one of the best. It illustrates perfectly why the phase "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" should send chills down your spine! I like the way too that they introduced the "it's for the kids" reasoning.

It was a great ending to the first series.


Hussman (12 years ago) Reply

I liked it as well... wish it would come to the states on DVD.


Ben Austwick (12 years ago) Reply

I'm glad "Survivors" has got a second series. I think its flaws can be ironed out and there's a good, solid premise and story there.


Kerry Gibbings (12 years ago) Reply

I loved this show.... i was glued to the screen every second.... cant wait for the next season!! I thought it was a much better and more real version of what the world would be like in this situaton.... unlike...I am Legend and 28 days later!!!


Tony J of Canada (12 years ago) Reply

Well I am so happy it will have a second season. I would hate to see to fall by the wayside like so many other shows. I wish when looking at the ratings, they would consider the rest of the world that view these shows.


Colin BF (12 years ago) Reply

It seems all love this show, can't wait for the next season. This show is one of the best.
I'm glad to hear that it will be back.
God bless BBC and Adrian Hodges.


Col Leonard, Australia (12 years ago) Reply

I loved it. I loved the 1975 original and I love this remake.
Yes, there are flaws, but give me a show that isn't flawed, first or last season.
Like any show, it takes time to smooth out the wrinkles and that can't be done in 6 episodes.
I am so glad that there will be a 2nd season. Hopefully, a few more after that.
It is funny that SF has the largest cult following of any genre, yet FS series are some of the shortest lived. Especially the really good ones that spend the time to create a rich story line and charactors.


STUART (12 years ago) Reply



John (12 years ago) Reply

Cant agree whith stuart much better than any of the other crap like eastenders etc autie is wasting its money on what we need are more like this and life on mars ashes to ashes.
Series one of Survivors was ace cant wait to see what tom gets upto in the next one the only complaint i have is he appears to be a crap shot :)


brian (12 years ago) Reply

To be sure, two scenes were a bit iffy, but not very. Please, please, PLEASE!!! let Paterson Joseph return, I love the contrast between him and Bad Man Beesley. But he can't be good all the time! Less flatness, please.
Good show, don't be like Fox and kill off your best. I love the slightly non-Hollywood character of it all, definitely a European approach.


Oh Puleeese (12 years ago) Reply

Come now this rubbish was the epitome of the parlous state of the BBCs output over the last few years. Poorly acted, badly written and barely watchable. They took a strong premise and reduced it to a back drop to, well what? What actually happned in the first series? Did they even try to survive? No. Where was the foraging, the hunt for resources or the first attempts at farming?

All we got was fast cutting, pared down plots (with jaunty angles cos its soooooo modern) and moody characters. Utter rubbish written by a half-wit.

The BBC think you are morons. Please don't prove them right!


anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

My fanily & i LOVED this show! The last episode was the most 'on edge' one for us and were sad to see that it only had 6 episodes. Cant wait for the next one!


Clive Lancaster (11 years ago) Reply

Survivors like the original series is fantastic and as we have to pay a tv licence, i would far rather be rewarded with quality shows like this than crap like endless antiques/cooking/soaps. The BBC used to have regular good drama and series on everyday, now if you are lucky it is once a week. All that i miss in the new Survivors that was much more evident in the old series is the experience of trying to create ways to survive, not just run around killing each other which seems to be the premise of the new series. In the old series, people seemed to spend a lot more time learning how to farm and make use of older technology, in the new series it's all about people trying to kill each other. Get creative to survive-not destructive!!!


Clive Lancaster (11 years ago) Reply

One more comment I would like to make is that the original show had fantastic theme music, whereas the current one has a totally forgettable thme tune...any chance of returning to the original theme music?


chantelle (11 years ago) Reply

iam very happy they have made a 2nd series i hope they make a third

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