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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.26.09] movie news scifi thriller

Word is spreading quickly that Terry Gilliam's next project The Zero Theorem, penned by Pat Rushin, will be one of the directors most eclectic and thought provoking films since Brazil. Slash film newcomer Brendon Connelly has published a glowing review of the screenplay which, frankly, makes the film sound like a mixed bag of classic Philip K. Dick ruminations on life, the mind, spirituality and the great unknown.

After writing his way around the "smart and unpredictable" story describing "virtual psychiatrists... cyber-suits that enable voyages into virtual reckonings of the non-existent soul, the ManCom super mainframe and the all-seeing ManCams; a legion of Clones that don’t, actually, appear to be Clones at a DNA level," Connelly finally breaks down and describes the story as "Videodrome meets Pi with a splash of Contact and a glimmer of The Fisher King - so you can just imagine how wild it is and how perfect it is for Gilliam.

Man, this film sounds great. Along with producer Richard Zanuck and already signed on star Billy Bob Thornton (who I could totally see playing the perfect Dickian style everyman shlub), The Zero Theorem is set to start lensing in May.

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