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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.03.09] movie trailer news horror thriller

The first official trailer for Jose Zambrano Cassella's EXTREMELY well shot indie horror The Sacred dropped a couple days back and it looks like we're the first to find it. There was some rumbling in the community back in September but since then all's been pretty quiet. It's great to see the film is staying on course, even if it is coming upon us little later than expected.

A group of university students travel to a remote and sacred Native American patch of land, in order to complete a thesis project on Native American Folklore.

This patch of land was used hundreds of years ago to judge and punish murderous criminals. The land itself has magical powers making it possible for the dead to come back and punish the guilty... Sins can come back and kill you.

The story is a pretty cool twits on the standard 'ancient burial ground demon awakening' pic. You'll find the trailer after the break.

Source: The Sacred Offical Site

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