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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.05.09] movie news scifi thriller

Alright, so director Andrew Niccol has had a hand in quite a few more flicks since Gattaca, including Lord or War and The Truman Show, but his 1997 genetics thriller still remains one of my favorite dystopian visions put to celluloid and for that alone I'm excited to hear that he'll be tackling another scifi parable in The Cross.

Variety reports that pre-production has begun on the modestly budgeted 24 million dollar scifi escape flick about "a man seeking to cross a mysterious border, something no one else has achieved." The film has already found its main cast in Orlando Bloom, Vincent Cassel, and Quantum of Solace's Olga Kurylenko.

But what should we make of the film's title? Is Orlando playing a Christlike figure, destined to find martyrdom at the end of his quest. I can't help but think there's multiple meaning here...

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Although Andrew Niccol wrote and produced The Truman Show he didn't actually direct it, as you have alluded to here. Peter Weir did though.

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