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anglebender [Celluloid 02.09.09] zombies review video game

PLATFORMS - Anything that runs at least Flash
DEVELOPER - Armor Games
PUBLISHER - The Internet

Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 7
Sound: 8


Enough of the Fallout 3s and Left 4 Deads! Give me old school 8-bit glory, back when games were about having fun and not about tie-ins (not that F3 or L4D are, but I'm just saying...). They existed from way-back-when, but they were tame by today's standards. I delved into checking out Flash games (games that require Adobe Flash be installed on your computer) and found several gigs worth of carnage simulation out on the intarwebs. Most zombie-based Flash games suck: way too repetitive, way too buggy or a rip-off of some other game.

I found several Flash games named "Zombie Survival" all from different parties, and most of them are pretty good. This review covers the Zombie Survival by Armor Games (no additional credits available in-game). I'll cover the other Zombie Survivals in future articles.

The controls are very simple. This is a 2D shooter (like old-style "Defender") so you only have two sides to cover. Nothing attacks the player from above. The zombies appear at random (depending on the difficulty setting) on either side of the screen. There is a "jump" control, but I never found a need for it.

The player has three weapons at the disposal to stop the zombie hordes: a pistol with infinite bullets and no reload, a really sharp knife and three mines. It's a good thing you can replenish your health and buy more mines when each level ends. You use your score to buy this stuff, so you'll replay to upgrade more skills. There isn't a save function.

These are the same kind of graphics that you'd find on Nintendo or Sega Genesis back-in-the-day. Modern software was probably used to generate the the game's animated sprites, although when the zombies splatter in their death-animation, it suddenly becomes 16-color poop colors with ketchup on top. I'm probably just spoiled by the whiz-bang of polygons. The player's character looks very cool when firing weapons and their death animation, so therein lies the trade-off I suppose. The player looks like a super-deformed anime G.I. JOE snake-eyes, but he looks good.

Before the game starts and during the gore warning, the immersion begins. The whole soundtrack is a collection of zombie film stand-bys yet there doesn't seem to be many cliches. I left the music on for a while which is pretty rare for me.

This game is a lot of fun, good for a several minutes of casual but satisfying zombie carnage. The replay value is fairly high, so if you enjoy the splatter-pixels, you'll keep coming back!

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655 (11 years ago) Reply

bit too easy. it just goes on as real end hm? i ended up all geared up...with 50 mines. then i stopped it.


zenseeker (11 years ago) Reply

Way too easy, got bored by level 3.


Knifetotheeye (11 years ago) Reply

That's just a stripped down version of the Metal Slug games. They've even nicked the sprites if I'm not mistaken!


kaoztik (11 years ago) Reply

I would recommend The Last Stand 1 + 2 for a review, i really enjoyed this flash games and they are in my oppinion one of the best zombie survival flash games out there.


Blue (11 years ago) Reply

Zombie Horde 3 is prob one of my fav zombie games. its by
its a top down adventure/rpg type. you have several different types of zombie type monsters to kill along with many weapons and upgrades. you can even get a atv dune buggy thing to run people over with.


bmkorkut (11 years ago) Reply

The graphics including the animations are all ripped from "Metal Slug" games (It is a great old-school game series). I totally recommend "the last stand" games to you. You can find them at Armor Games and Kongregate.


Hi Man132123 (11 years ago) Reply

Thats the worst help and info you can give me about this crappy game

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