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quietearth [Celluloid 02.11.09] movie news comedy drama

Geez, Collider is at again and this time with 4 clips from the Paul Giamatti (who plays his usual pithy/angst ridden self) starrer Cold Souls which premiered at Sundance. "Your soul can be stored here, or if you want to avoid sales tax we can have it shipped to our warehouse in New Jersey." HAH!

After intense rehearsals of Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya,” Paul is emotionally drained. He stumbles upon a “Soul Storage,” a private lab offering New Yorkers something intriguing: a relief from the burden of their souls. Paul decides to get his soul extracted, only to discover that it has the shape and size of a chickpea. After a failed attempt to live and act without his soul, he rents an alleged Russian poet’s soul, which guides him into a strange dreamlike world. Things take an unexpected turn when he decides to get his soul back and meets Nina, a Russian soul mule, who illicitly transports souls from Russia to America.

Watch the clips here

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