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quietearth [Film Festival 02.10.09] zombies movie news horror

As we've been working with the fine folks at the upcoming Sci-Fi London Film Fest, we've been authorized to share with you some of the UK premiers they'll be having. Yesterday is a low-budget Canadian zombie flick which looks quite good, but you know, around here at Quiet Earth we love this type of stuff.

Yesterday follows the lives of complete strangers in the middle of a zombie outbreak. As each person struggles to survive we find their actions begin to affect the lives of others around the dying city, culminating in a stand off at the local grocery store. There, the remaining survivors decide to band together and flee to the wilderness. Once camp is built however, they find that the living dead are not the only danger as they begin to turn on one another in a struggle for power and control.

Trailer after the break.

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Hot Fuzz (13 years ago) Reply

Alright Canada! Between this, Pontypool, and Hunting Gounds, you've been rocking the zombies of late. Good to see your not all wheat fields and coming of age dramas ;)

The first half of the trailer was meh, but the second half was great.


Phoebe (13 years ago) Reply

I'm usually turned off by these low-budget productions, but this actually looks like it might be pretty entertaining. I'm looking forward to it. =)


colusaboyZN (13 years ago) Reply

thank you,Canada.


rek (13 years ago) Reply

How many times do we have to see the same scenes in every zombie outbreak movies? Drug addicts and "crazy people"? News reporters being attacked live on the air? Survivors turning on each other? The genre is getting stale.


drlaza (13 years ago) Reply

lol that please wait sign is stolen from the fallout pc game series

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