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quietearth [Celluloid 02.15.09] movie news

#1 - Grady Hendrix (Mr Kaiju Shakedown) reported recently via Twitch that Yatterman helmer Takashi Miike was telling everyone in sight that he'd love to do a live action version of Afro Samurai. Now THIS would be HUGE, and I hope to God he does it, complete with a Rza soundtrack.

#2 - Seen the Feast films? Fantastic is what they are, with adrenalin pumping right from beginning to end and top notch gore, humor, and action. Part 3 is about to drop, and word via BD is that director John Gulager let it be known that Feast 4 has already been written by franchise scribes Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. This could be the one where we finally find out the whole deal, AND to boot, it could be post apocalyptic! I hope they get 'er done.

#3 - Word is Diablo Cody is penning a zombie screenplay based on the upcoming book Breathers: A zombie's lament. Check out this synopsis: Andy Warner reanimates after the car accident that kills his wife, but is too mangled from his injuries to talk. He lives in his parents' wine cellar, occasionally attending a zombie support group and struggling to rejoin a society that offers the undead no rights, bans them from working and doesn't even punish those who destroy them. When Andy and his fellow zombies—notably Rita, a sexy suicide victim with a lipstick fetish, and Jerry, a Playboy-obsessed stoner—learn why they're so driven to consume human flesh, the repercussions are both tragic and hilarious. Browne neatly mixes humor and extreme violence with a surprisingly tender love story, some witty social satire and an extremely strong narrative voice. Sounds good to me, but then again, I'll pretty much watch anything with zombies. The book drops on March 3rd, you can pre-order it here.

#4 - Comingsoon got an anonymous tip that Jonathan Blitstein (Let them chirp awhile) will be directing a scifi psychological thriller titled Escape to Donegal which is described as a "classic Philip K. Dick story". Filming begins this summer in NYC, and that's all we got on that one.

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