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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.18.09] movie trailer news fantasy adventure

Henry Winterfeld's whimsical novel about nasty children who wake up one day to find that their parents have left them to fend for themselves in the small village of Timpelbach gets a lavish film treatment in Nicolas Bary's recent French adaptation.

Timpelbach is a small village without history… or almost. Since many weeks, the children of the village multiply jokes and bad blows, putting at end patience adults. One morning, the children awake in a phantom city. A word placarded on the door of the town hall announces that, not supporting more the way in which the children treat them, the parents decided to leave for always.

For some reason this beautifully realized film only received a short theatrical run last December in France and Belgium and is only now attempting to cross the pond. Last week it showed in Germany as part of the European Film Market screenings so let's hope it makes it over here.

Trailer after the break.


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Anon (13 years ago) Reply

The dvd link you posted is actually for the novel, not the dvd. The dvd isn't currently available on or any other international amazon website.

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