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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.24.09] post apocalyptic movie news action

He fought dragons in D-Wars and she went toe to toe with murderous plants in The Ruins but now Jason Behr and Jena Malone will be joining forces to use their skills to survive a nuclear apocalypse in Remnants a new post-apocalyptic film that's currently in pre-production at Eclectic Film Sales Inc. Oh yeah, and Shane West from A Walk to Remember and Dracula 2000 is also in it.

The nuclear apocalypse of World War 3 has ravaged Earth. Now for the few lucky survivors trapped in a rural Texas bomb shelter, life has become a dangerous game of life and death as they battle radiation sickness, hunger, and marauding gangs of violent refugees infected with a strange and terrible nuclear illness.

Besides it being made on an extremely modest budget (5 mill to be precise), that's all we know at this point. However as usual we'll keep you posted.

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Karla (13 years ago) Reply

i love json!!! cant wait to see this :-) i really hope it's good


unfun (13 years ago) Reply

This is ringing bells on an old movie I can't remember the name of... I just remember that the surface was a wasteland and all of the high class citizens lived in a well protected underground bomb shelter. But a police-like force ocasionally had to go to the surface to deal with rebels.
Either way I love concepts of the sort so I'm interested (even if the interest originally stemmed from the name "Remnants" which I confused with that show you announced awhile back.)


Jeff (13 years ago) Reply

I saw the title and the first thing to come to mind was Threads. Looking forward to the news on this. What Karla said...minus the "i love json!!! :o)


Dee (13 years ago) Reply

isn't this like the book series, Remnants?


lps (13 years ago) Reply

I love Jason as well! I don't know why he is not on more movies! and even if this is not good... still be good for the eye!! he is sooooo hot!!!!


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

I love Jason Behr as well! About time he got himself another gig. All I have to say is this movie better be good, damn it! I'm sick of seeing Jason in shi**y movies.


chengski (13 years ago) Reply

wow! i cant wait to see that upcoming movie of the gorgeous hung jason behr!!! he's totally super HOT!!!


danni (13 years ago) Reply

I can understand cheap budgets - but Jason knows how to act so i hope they make this one count for ability! I'm tired of seeing him in poorly scripted films - want to see someone really tap into his talent.


KorumEmrys (12 years ago) Reply

Does anyone remember "The Ravagers" with Richard Harris? Awesome movie on low budget from 1979. Cant find it on DVD or VHS anywhere. Not on YouTube either,.....=( Any ideas folks..?

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