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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.20.09] movie trailer news scifi

Before you get your mind blown by the full trailer for the second part of what is no doubt one of the most ambitious scifi blockbusters in history, Inhabited Island, I'd like to draw your attention to the hideous DVD art to your right. Shuddering now. After seeing so much amazing artwork for this film, how does such a photoshop abortion like this get okay'ed? I really hope we get like a massive boxed set for this film when it hits on R1 DVD, but I doubt it... here's the synopsis:

The year 2157. The blossom times for the human civilization. Pilots of the Freelance Search Group enjoy interstellar traveling. A Russian spacecraft, piloted by a 22 year old Maxim Kammerer, crashes on the distant inhabited Saraksh planet. After long years of a nuclear war, an environmental crisis reigns over the planet, the society is overburdened with social problems, and the established peace is quite shaky. The brave astronaut will explore a mysterious land governed by the Unknown Fathers who are five anonymous rulers manipulating the inhabitants consciousness using special emitters. There Maxim will meet new friends, make enemies, find his love and, after getting through dangerous trials, hunger, mortal hazards and losses, will lead a rebel movement challenging the five greedy rulers.

After the first taster dropped earlier this week, we've now got the full meal deal for ya in the form of a full trailer after the break.

UPDATE: Thanks to Russian reader Pashkava, we know have a subbed trailer for you. Thanks man!

Also, if I can just go back to the DVD for a minute. What's with this "Prisoners of Power" subtitle? That sounds terrible too.

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Nekrosoma (12 years ago) Reply

It's actually Nekrosoma, lol, and you are welcome.

Adding translation for the trailer:

1. This world.. became the world of slaves...

2. We forgot how to distinct true goodness from the fake one

3. But a man will come from the outside and will bring ("return" originally) us freedom

Caption: Based on novel by Strugatsky brothers

4. The world is balanced, Maxim, but you want to shake it.

5. We gathered to discuss proposition of our friend, he wants to destroy our enemies

6. Who are you to decide for this world?

7. Try to contact the Empire of the Islands (originally "Island Empire")

8. So who is he? A very dangerous man

9. I am proposing you ... To take down the Unnamed Fathers (or Unknown Fathers, the mysterious government)

Caption: This Spring

10. In a few hours, almost all of you will die !

Caption: From the director Fyodor Bondarchuk

11. You are all dead man walking! (original meaning - sentenced to death)

12. I will die, I will die for you!

13. You are a marionette in their hands! You are a puppet!

14. Who are you to mess with other people's affairs? Who are you?!

15. Are you still interested in (or "do you want to know") the fate of Rada Gaal? (the girl)

16. It's their history, go away!

17. Never!

Caption: April 23th

18. Mak Sim! (explanation - they call him by mistake Mak Sim instead of Maxim)

Caption: The story ends

Caption: Inhabited Island: The Battle (originally - skirmish, but in Russian the meaning is more impressive)

Caption: From April 23rd in all theaters of the country.


agentorange (12 years ago) Reply

Thanks for the translation Nekrosoma! I changed your name in the post BTW.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Since when do russians make sci-fi movies ?
looks like the yankees will compete with the russians in the future. Who will make better sci-fi movies the russians or yankees ?


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Um... the Russians have been making sci-fi movies since 1924 (AELITA).


Elim Garak (12 years ago) Reply

Yea, it looks like the movie follows the book very closely. Pretty cool. They even have the island empire in there!


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Found why it has the subtitle "Prisoners of Power" - that is the alternate title of the orignal book this is based on. Don't read the wikipedia article on it if you don't want spoilers.


agentorange (12 years ago) Reply

Ahhh thanks for the info anon. "Prisoners of Power" still has kind of a dorky He-Man ring to it but hey, as long as it's not some marketing dude's idea of a "cool" sellable subtitle for western markets then its all good.


entizari (12 years ago) Reply

the title 'Prisoner's of Power', from what I got out of reading the book a number of years back, would seem to come from it's philosophical explorations of Power (similar to French philosopher Michel Foucault's). I'd bet the Strugatsky bros. had read or were at least familiar with Foucault's writing when they wrote their novel.

it'd be wonderful to see, if this side of the book made it to the film. I don't remember the book having much 'action'


entizari (12 years ago) Reply

though after watching the trailer, it comes across as having as much in commmon with a Strugatsky bros. novel, as a Philip K Dick novel has with most of their adaptations.

though I never trust a trailer. has anyone seen Part 1?


DaRussia (12 years ago) Reply

I've made translation of the trailer more than a month ago. Here it is:

Plus, it is in HD and in much-much better quality.


guest (12 years ago) Reply oficial site

I watched both parts - very close to book, with original design and good acting - pretty nice to me. There is strong philosofical context revealing modern puppet society with wrong ideals under the influense of lying mass media and politicans and the question how one can change it - if it changeable at all. This ideas split russian people into fierse opponents of the film and those who share the strugatsky ideas and its movie representation. its the most arguable film in russian internet. The movie was originally cut into 2 parts due to its large size. As far as I know they plan to merge both parts into one film for international release


Engelchen (12 years ago) Reply

The film Does have very much in common with the novel and with the philosophy of the book. And the novel Does have a lot of action :-)

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