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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.09.09] movie trailer news comedy noir

To tag this film as looking simply like a Korean "film noir" doesn't do it justice at all. It takes place in 1910 and contains an intriguing mystery full of gangsters and mysterious dead bodies to be sure but it also looks like it's got great comedic aspirations. Also, it's got some nifty, turn of the century and vaguely steampunk private eye gadgetry!

Set in 1910, Gwang-soo, a medical physician in training, discovers a corpse in the woods and secretly takes it to his home to practice his autopsy skills on it.

When he learns that the body is the son of Seoul’s most powerful man, he tries to dump the body where he found it but stumbles across another body murdered in the same way. Afraid he will be charged with the murders, he hires a private detective to help him solve the case.

The film is directed by newcomer Park Dae-Min and stars Hwang Jeon-Min from Blackhouse, and Ryu Deok-Hwan. Twitch managed to track down the trailer, which is embedded after the break.

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Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

I don't even speak Korean but can tell that this is the kind of movie that Hollywood needs to see and realize (which they won't and can't) is what the viewing public wants...good entertainment with a touch of innovation not another tired Affleck/Damon turd that pays for their degenerate lifestyles and steals our IQs!

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