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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 03.17.09] post apocalyptic movie news interview video

Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier visited Book of Eli's closed New Mexico set and had a look around so we thought we should too. It's a quick piece and is pretty Denzel-centric but we get to see some gunplay, Gary Oldman throwing a hissy, catch Ray Stevenson in some goggles and watch Mila Kunis attempt to explain how the world ended.

"The sun exploded. It's crazy" she says. Luckily Albert Hughes elaborates about what the eath is like

"In 2030, there's very few pockets of civilization. People are like cannibals; there's stretches of not seeing people for long distances; Denzel's character doesn't see anybody for like the first ten minutes until he reaches this town. He comes for water…"

Watch the video after the break. Thanks to our pal Trogen for the heads up.

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Live for Films (13 years ago) Reply

Still not sure on this one. That intro to Denzel sounds an awful lot like the beginning of Waterworld.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

The sun exploded? And the Earth is still there? In 2030?
Don't they know that explosion of the sun will wipe out entire solar system? Not mentioning that it can only happen, like in 10 trillion years from now?

Nice imagination, though. It could be a fun movie to watch.


. (13 years ago) Reply

'The sun exploded' maybe she was referring to a solar flare or some other solar phenonemon. But not a literal explosion of the entire sun.

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