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Christopher Webster [DVD News 03.17.09] movie news dvd

Not much out this week but, hooray, Julien Leclercq's cyberpunk cop thriller, Chrysalis (review here) is finally getting a DVD release in America and Canada from the fine folks at Anchor Bay. This flick has really grown on me over the past year and I'm glad to see that it's finally available.

Also out from Anchor Bay this week is the Mischa Barton starrer Walled In which looks like a pretty decent horror mystery.

Lastly we've got the release of a Shaw Brothers film from 1981 called Lost Souls which is being billed as "the most shocking film ever from the director of the shocking cult classic, "Men Behind the Sun."" It's also never been seen before by American audiences (doubtful) but I've hear it's a pretty jaw-dropping exploitation "masterpiece" so I'm going to check it out.

Trailers and stuff after the break.

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Paris 2020, a high tech surgeon and her daughter are involved in a horrific car accident, the surgeon saves her daughter's life at the cost of manipulating her dreams and memories.

Meanwhile gung-ho police officer Hoffman loses his wife and partner in a pitched gun battle with an escaped thug. When the shattered cop gets a new partner the hunt is on as Hoffman seeks revenge and justice, his investigation takes him all the way to the surgeon and clinic run by the iron hand of technology where all is not as it seems.

Walled In
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A young woman who recently graduated from engineering school travels to a remote location to supervise the demolition of a mysterious building. She soon discovers the horrifying secrets of the building and its past inhabitants, many of whom were victims of a vicious murderer who entombed his prey alive within its walls. Now she must turn the tables on the killer before she becomes his latest victim.

Lost Souls
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Illegal immigrants from mainland China are smuggled into Hong Kong. They are captured by a gang, then raped, tortured, and murdered.

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rek (13 years ago) Reply

I was really disappointed by how predictable Chrysalis was. It has some great fighting sequences, and the look of the film is top notch, but the main character is supposed to be a detective and I figured out the plot long before he solved it. I had the same problem with Renaissance.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Agree. Chrysalis was kinda disappointing, and not only by being predictable. It worth seeing just for good fights and very pretty French chic, nothing else really.

Also, for some reason French sci-fi film makers can't finish their films right. Dante 01, Chrysalis, Eden's Log, Renaissance, Immortel and probably more that I can't remember now, have the same problem - bad ending that ruins everything.


Hot Fuzz (13 years ago) Reply

The ending of Eden Log wasn't bad it was the rest of it that was.

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