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quietearth [Celluloid 03.17.09] movie news action samurai

For fans of the long running film and tv series Zatoichi, the blind swordsman, it looks like Zatoichi The Last will be the final film according to Toho. Starring will be Shingo Katori, none of whose films I've seen like The Adventures of Super Monkey. Junji Sakamoto (Chameleon) is already directing as production started in Yamagata this past Sunday. As usual, the French have put some money on this project as they do with many other Nippon films, and the plan is to release the film next year and screen it at Cannes.

Hopefully more to come soon. via Tokyograph

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Kat (13 years ago) Reply

Q: By "The Adventures of Super Monkey," do you mean "Saiyuuki," the Japanese version of The Monkey King legend based on the extremely popular manga & anime series of the same name? Yeah, a little bit of research goes a long way. Anywho, Shingo a good actor. He'll probably do a fine job. He appears to be one of those gain weight/lose weight, shave your head, whatever for the role guys.

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