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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.18.09] post apocalyptic zombies movie trailer news

Alex Cheng describes his new 8 minute post-apocalypse short as "an absurdist take on the pressures of cultural assimilation" so yeah, we expect the unexpected in Son of Golem. In the film, a nomadic warrior woman named Kong exchanges Shakespearean monologues with a maimed member of the undead.

Kong is a warrior by necessity, fighting for sustenance and struggling to keep her grasp on the world of the living in a desert wasteland hell. After barricading herself inside an abandoned home for protection, a maimed and bloody body she's trapped herself with returns to life and speaks of one thing: Eating her alive.

Son of Golem, is currently screening at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival and Alex has passed along a link to his newly created trailer. We've also got an early teaser after the break.

Son of Golem Teaser Trailer:

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Only love can be the cause of such despair!

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